Pulling Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

As much as I love fall, my favorite colors are definitely reminiscent of spring. I have a natural propensity for pastels, and in particular seafoam green and pink. How's a girl to pick just one of her two favorite colors when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? 

Another true confession, I also really really like dresses. Given the choice between picking one dress and six, I'd pick six any day.

And finally, making other people happy makes me happy. So one of the many things that was going to make me happy on my wedding day was to have my bridesmaids be happy with their dresses. I wanted them to show off their personalities and also not have to spend a fortune ('cause that always makes people happy).


Making Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Work

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses seemed like a win-win for everybody, but I went back and forth over how exactly to execute this little idea of mine. For my daytime wedding, on the Saturday after Easter, I settled on two colors, plus some sparkles and lace, and a short, Easter dress kind of style.

As for price point, ModCloth fit the bill perfectly. Plus, ModCloth is rooted in Pittsburgh, along with my now-husband's family, so it was the obvious choice for more reasons than one!

ModCloth must have caught on to their role as a creative bride's dream come true, because they now have a section of their site completely devoted to weddings. The bridesmaid dress category would've been perfect, though I can't say I minded looking through all the dresses to find the bridesmaid-ish ones ;)

So like I said, I scoured the dresses on ModCloth's website and made a Pinterest board for the bridesmaids to peruse. It was set up as secret though, like a lot of my wedding boards so guests wouldn't know everything I was planning before the actual day!


I gave each bridesmaid a color and then let them go to town with ordering, trying on dresses and sending me pictures. Yes, another reason for getting the dresses online was the fact that we didn't all live in the same place. Of course, I had them call dibs on the dresses they were ordering so we wouldn't have any accidental outfit twins!

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that we picked these dresses out insanely early...as in the summer before the spring of my wedding. Word to the wise for spring brides though, this isn't as insane as you think if you're going with regular dresses, because it takes until about March for pastels to overtake all the little black dresses.

I thought I had a picture in my mind of how they would all look together, but it turned out a thousand times better than I even thought it would! So it's safe to say you could label me pro-mismatched in the bridesmaid dress category.