The Wine Cork Reindeer DIY

On Fetzer! On Cupcake! On Twisted and Cook's! Ok maybe those aren't Santa's reindeer, but who knew wine brands made such good reindeer names? Better yet, who knew wine corks made such cute reindeer? Here's how to make them for a last minute gift or table decoration.

Wine Cork Reindeer Supplies

Hot Glue Gun

Flat head screwdriver

Gold Spray Paint

2 wine corks (per reindeer)

Assortment of small sticks

  •   Some that branch out like antlers (see picture below)
  •   Thin enough to break by hand
  •   Hard enough to stand as a reindeer's legs

Making Wine Cork Reindeer

1. Spray paint sticks and let them dry.

2. Mark the following spots on 2 wine corks:

3. Twist a corkscrew slightly into each spot to start a hole, and dig the rest of the hole out with the flat head screwdriver (some tutorials tell you to use a knife but this is safer and still effective).

4. Break the sticks so that you have:

  • 4 of about the same length "legs"
  • 1 "neck" (1/3 the length of legs)
  • 2 "antlers"

5. Place antlers into Cork A, Side 1

  • Place neck into Cork A, Side 2
  • Place the other end of neck into Cork B, Side 1
  • Place the legs into Cork B, Side 2

6. Heat up your glue gun and glue sticks into their spots. While gluing, the neck and legs may take a little adjusting to get the reindeer to stand up on its own.

Repeat steps to make a whole team of reindeer if you like :)