A Pink Suede Dress and Platforms

After reading the title of this post, you're probably thinking the 90's just met the 70's, or something like that. I guess that is technically what happened, but allow me to explain how I arrived at this outfit for a Fourth of July weekend wedding in Pittsburgh.

When I was asked what I was planning to wear to this wedding and replied "a pink suede dress" , I quickly followed up with, "it's not as weird as it sounds!" Because I do realize, it could be really, really weird.

Pale pink or blush would have probably been a more appropriate description. And even still, it was the kind of thing that only Pinterest could've persuaded me to try. 

What may have been even more surprising was the fact that the dress was from Abercrombie & Fitch. Because the only thing I've ever owned from Abercrombie was a rugby striped polo in about the 8th grade, I guess I subconsciously assumed that was all they made, but I have found that was definitely a silly oversight.

Their current lines consist of plenty of suede, trendy tops, comfy-looking cotton dresses, and go-with-anything kind of skirts- now that's something I could get used to! 

As for the shoes I picked to go with this pink suede dress, my question is this: Why did we ditch platforms in the first place? Platform shoes give you the extra height without the inconvenience of having your foot at an unnatural angle in heels. Sounds like a win win to those of us who are married to tall people!

Finally, I topped the outfit off with the clear glass locket of dried wedding flowers I talked about in one of my previous posts.

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