Blush Jumpsuit x NYC Shoot

When I found myself with a meeting at the Pinterest New York headquarters, I instantly knew it was time to bring out the pink jumpsuit. What better place to wear this statement piece than the office of the very platform from which I constantly save ideas I may or may not be bold enough to try. I paired my pink jumpsuit (similar and similar) from The Attic in Memphis with one of my gold Madewell chain necklaces (similar), a leather tote from ModCloth (similar and similar), and round retro sunglasses (similar) from Target.

I also knew this was the perfect outfit for some blog photos, so I met up with the one of the most fun and talented photographers I know, Bri of Dior Photography.

I chose to set our shoot in and around Grand Central Station not just because it's around the corner from Pinterest and my hotel The Renwick.  Call me a lame tourist if you must, but Grand Central Station is actually one of my favorite spots to take in. Never mind that I don't really have a reason to be there :) 

Let me put it this way: nothing makes you feel more like you've just stepped into a movie (or a common metaphor for hustle and bustle) than entering Grand Central Station. It's also a welcome respite from the heat or cold of the city streets depending on the season, and in general it just makes you feel like you're a part of something big. Maybe it's all the coming and going (to what I imagine are very important places), or the fellow tourists from all over the country and world pausing with me to take in the blue-green ceiling and that old clock. Whatever it is that fascinates me about Grand Central and its City, I'll take it.