Brown Paper Packages: DIY Christmas Wrap

I went with simple brown paper and baker's twine last year for my Christmas wrap, and I liked it so much that I wanted to do the same this year. Just to shake things up a little bit though, I decided to DIY my own wrapping paper with paint, and also attempt some paper Christmas lights. Here's how they turned out, along with tips to make this holiday wrap yourself!

Christmas Lights Wrapping

I found the idea for Christmas light wrapping on Pinterest and had to give it a try myself! To make the lights, I folded a piece of paper into thirds, lightly drew a Christmas light, and then cut along my drawing. This way, I had 3 identical copies of lights, and each light consisted of 2 sides folded down the middle. I threaded black baker's twine through the lights, and taped the sides of each light together and to the package with double stick tape. To make the lights realistic, I added gold strokes like the reflection lines in actual bulbs.

DIY Brush Stroke Wrapping Paper

You really can't go wrong making brush stroke wrapping paper. All you need to do is paint irregular strokes with a fairly dry brush and wait for it to dry. Then you can even layer in another color, like gold. Like I said, you can't mess up because the look is abstract and imperfect :) Happy gift-wrapping!