Hello, Houston

My two best friends from high school - and middle school, lower school & kindergarten - currently live in Houston, and I was long overdue for a visit. Not only are they good friends, but also excellent tour guides. From touring the beautiful campus of Rice University where one of my friends went to undergrad, to spending an afternoon on the art scene in Montrose, here are few highlights from my weekend spent in Houston, Texas.

Tiny Boxwood's - Lunch in River Oaks

Tiny Boxwood's is just about the cutest restaurant I've ever seen, not to mention their beautiful cappuccino designs, out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookies, fresh salads & sweet mint lemonade.

Houston Center for Photography & Other Montrose Art

Because one of my tour guides is arguably the most artistic person I know, we had to make museums a part of my trip. Below you'll see the Houston Center for Photography, a fun little gallery of modern photography with a small but mighty library of books on the art form. Also, while photography wasn't allowed in The Menil or Rothko's Chapel, I definitely want to mention these artistic gems of Houston. 

Benjy's Happy Hour & Rosemont Cabanas

Benjy's wasn't introduced to me as just "Benjy's"...it was "Benjy's Happy Hour" as if the three words were inseparable. After going, I can see why. Great prices and a swanky atmosphere make "Benjy's Happy Hour" the place to be on a late Friday afternoon with your girls. The other hot spot I discovered in Houston was Rosemont, a rooftop bar with cabanas that can be reserved for gatherings like we were attending.

Weights & Measures - Brunch in Midtown Houston

The fact that I didn't even get a picture of our food during brunch at Weights & Measures means our soft polenta, avocado toast, and peanut butter & Nutella brioche toast were so good, we had to dig in right away. So just trust me on this one, and check out the cool branding & cappuccinos instead. Please note - the check came in a cassette tape case, simply because that's awesome.

Rice University

One of my tour guides wanted to show me her undergad stomping grounds, and I'm super glad she did! I had no idea how beautiful the Rice University campus was, not to mention the perfectly shaded trails that run around the campus.

St. Anne Catholic Church in Houston

Growing up, I went to Sunday school with one of my Houston hostesses at our Catholic church in Memphis, so I loved visiting her church home in Houston while I was in town.


While I couldn't possibly sum up with words all the laughs, and fun I had visiting my two besties in Houston, I hope I've done the city a bit of justice with this highlight reel from my visit. Thanks for a memorable weekend, Meg, Allyson and Houston, Texas!