Purple Cord Skirt + Zara Floral Blouse

I don't have a lot of purple in my closet, but since it's my company's color, I thought it could be fun to get something in a shade of purple to wear to work. That's what I was thinking when I came across this lavender corduroy skirt at Target in Minneapolis, and I definitely love wearing it for not only my day job, but also weekends too.

I didn't know what I'd pair with this purple cord skirt when I got it, but this floral bell sleeve blouse from Zara (similar, similar, similar, and similar) is an unexpectedly perfect match! I think the flowers' colors make it a perfect fall transition outfit. Plus, orange and white happen to be company's other colors, so this blouse makes the perfect on-brand outfit, if you will :)

zara floral blouse purple cord skirt.JPG
zara floral bell sleeve shirt.JPG