Where to Eat & Drink in Minneapolis

For only being in Minneapolis a few days, I'd say we got a pretty great taste for the city :) I actually have so many pictures of food that I decided to split up my Minneapolis content into two blog posts - one for great places to eat and drink, and another for things to do in Minneapolis. So here goes part one...bon appetit!


6Smith has waterside views of Lake Minnetonka like you wouldn't believe! Not to mention their steak and seafood, plus fun cocktails like "Pushing Up Daisies" (a lot like a French 75) and amazing desserts.

My Burger

My Burger is a colorful little fast casual spot for burgers and sweet potato fries. It's a local chain with several locations throughout Minneapolis.

Black Sheep Pizza

I don't think I've ever had pizza with a sparkling margarita, but I'd definitely recommend it! This thin crust cheese pizza from Black Sheep Pizza was perfect for our first night in town.

The Blue Door Pub

I wouldn't have expected a burger place to have such a great salad, but this spring mix hit the spot! The tater tots were on point too of course. The Blue Door Pub is just a few doors down from Black: Coffee & Waffle Bar, which leads me to my next spot...

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

Who could resist coffee and waffles? From Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar, I got the banana nut waffle which was obviously amazing. It was actually the perfect chilly morning for a warm breakfast, so I was glad I had just gotten my pink twill anorak jacket at Ragstock, an area boutique chain inspired by its start with vintage.

Urban Bean Coffee

There is no shortage of good coffee in Minneapolis! This cute little cafe - Urban Bean Coffee - is no exception, and I have to say I loved the natural light in the space too.

Spyhouse Coffee

I heard about Spyhouse Coffee from multiple sources, and it did not disappoint! We had cappuccinos, a blueberry muffin and chocolate croissant, all of which we'd recommend. The Uptown location we went to was housed in a 1900's brownstone with all kinds of interesting art, mirrors, and maps on every wall.

I promise we did more than eat burgers and drink coffee, so stay tuned for everything else we did in Minneapolis from shopping to putt putt and our puppy swimming!