Don’t Beware of the Dog Photoshoot: My Advice for Perfect Pup Pictures

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It’s no secret that I love taking Memphis dog photos! I’m excited and honored every time someone asks me to take photos of their whole family, including their fur babies. I’m also realistic. I know getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time is no small task, but we can make it happen together. I have worked with energetic little dogs, shy big dogs and many kinds of pups in between, and I have learned a lot along the way. The bottom line is, I want to make you and your pet comfortable and happy. Whether you’re prepping for a photo session with your dog or simply considering booking one, read on for the inside scoop.

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Tips for the Best Photos of Fido

  • Take a deep breath
    The number one concern I hear from people about potential photo sessions for their pup is, “my dog won’t sit for photos and look at the camera like yours does!” My reply is always that dogs weren’t made to sit for photos, and that’s what makes them fun to be around. Trust me, you will find no judgement here when it comes to canine manners. My chihuahua-mini-schnauzer mix is as free spirited as they come! Admittedly I am at her mercy most of the time, but there is a strategy behind the photos you see of her staring down my lens.

  • Bring treats
    One of my best pieces of advice is to never underestimate the power of a T-R-E-A-T. Make sure to bring 5-10 small treats, and I will have a few on hand as well. Often pups will look right at the camera if I’m holding one of their favorite snacks!

  • Consider a helper or an at-home shoot

    If you’re planning to be in the photos, it’s also a good idea to bring someone along to help wave and whistle behind the camera or hold the leashes for a human-only shot. If you can’t snag a helper and you’re booking a session with me, we can certainly strategize. At-home sessions are always an easy win in this case because it will give us more flexibility, and your dogs can be off-leash. Being at home can also help to ease your mind and keep your pup comfortable.

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  • Manage Fido’s energy

  • In terms of energy level, you might consider a short walk or playtime in the yard prior to your session, but only if your dog will stay alert for pictures and avoid getting dirty. If your pet has anxiety or gets overly excited with visitors, let’s build in some extra time to have him get used to me and my camera.

  • Help man’s best friend look his best
    Speaking of appearances, this might sound silly, but think about how you like your dog to look in pictures, if you have an opinion like I do. For instance, I love when my pup is scruffy, but this casual look can come off a little messy in photos. On the flip side, a fresh grooming can look a little extreme as well depending on how much they trim her fur. Just like with humans, allowing a little time after a haircut isn’t a bad idea. Again, this is only if your pup will stay clean, or if he or she can get a quick bath again in time for picture day. Both energy level and appearance are 100% up to you. You know your dog best, so these tips are just thought starters to help you make your final decisions.

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Why Pet Pictures are Important

Finally, I’ll leave you with a reminder of how important pet photo sessions can be. I fully consider pets to be part of the family, and the reality is we don’t have as long as we’d like with them. Their memories last a lifetime though, and pictures help preserve those. Some of my favorite shots aren’t the perfectly posed ones, but rather those that show the true personality of your pup, which is usually the most fun part for us to capture together.

If I haven’t made it apparent already, I want to meet your dog, and you of course! I’ll bring my camera, you bring the treats of choice, and we’re bound to have a howling good time.