What’s in a Headshot? How Portraits with Personality Play a Role in the Art Business

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Collaborating with fellow creatives gives me energy and inspiration. I am honored to play even a small part in helping local Memphis artists grow their businesses and spread awareness about their work. While I love taking photos of the art itself and capturing studio spaces for Instagram fodder, headshots are probably the most common need that I find and enjoy filling for my creative clients.

Headshots for Artists & Other Creatives

Working with several local artists, I have come to truly appreciate the importance of these headshots and what they mean for creative businesses. “A quality headshot is another important piece of your online identity, just like an Instagram feed or website,” says Memphis artist Debi Vincent.

“An artist headshot may be your first introduction to those interested in your work, including potential buyers, gallery owners, competition jurors, and readers of printed publications,” adds Memphis watercolor artist Kim Matthews. “If you want your work to be taken seriously then a positive first impression is of upmost importance. An accomplished artist dedicates an incredible amount of time in pursuing excellence in their work, so why should their headshot shout mediocrity?”

I couldn’t agree more. My goal is for artists to come away from my photo sessions with portraits that stand out as both professionally polished and personally creative.  

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I listen to a lot of podcasts on the subject of creative entrepreneurship, including Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast, and a common piece of advice that I hear is to show your face and your personality to your audience. People are often buying you and your brand as much as they are your work, because art is such a personal thing. “To quote the well-known art rep Lilla Rogers, ‘People buy your joy,’” explains Debi Vincent. “We've each become our own brand, and with that comes the need to share our own unique story.”

I feel the same way about my photography business. I try to show up in at least the top nine squares of my Instagram feed at any given time, in addition to sharing personal anecdotes and passions through my Instagram stories. This blog is also a great space for me to share more of why I love photography and how I approach my sessions. Many of my best photoshoot experiences come from the relationships I have built both in person and online through social media. Kim and Debi, who graciously contributed to this blog post, are two such artistic clients whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know through the Memphis art community.

Schedule Your Memphis Headshot Photography Session

If you too are a creative considering headshots or portraits, let’s talk. We’ll find a time and place that makes you comfortable, and the end result will help your audience put a face to your name and—most importantly—begin to get to know the person behind your work.